Varanasi better known as kashi has been the finishing pilgrimage destination of hindus since the ages and even Banaras referred as the oldest spiritual living place in the world. Well know fact about kashi is it was the abode of lord Shiva and Mata parvati and Hindus opinion about Varanasi is who close their eyes on this god divine city become free from the recycle of birth and accomplish salvation or Moksha. This holy place subjected with achievements of score of legends in different-different courses of action like famous saint who wrote the Ram charit manas Tulsi Das originated from this holy land.

There are several traditional, spiritualism and mysticism factors that make this place very special for every Hindus devout for which they wish for kashi trip. Everyday score of Indians in their old age and foreigners across the globe travel to kashi and more likely stay at here in hope of get rid of their all sins on this sacred destination. It's true belief that on this blessed place everyone can get sovereignty from the life that's the main reason of people travel in their old age. The pilgrimage of kashi is not just one dip in Gange, temples visit and having the look river shore or Ghats but more likely it's subjected to appease our ancestors. Allahabad nearby Varanasi is the place where three holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and saraswati assemble generally known as the sangam destination.

For the south region existing people kashi yatra starts from then Rameshwaram where one prays for Shiva and Rama and collects sands from seashore further this collected sand carried to Kashi and more traditionally to sangam place. Where one flow the sand in holy confluences of Ganga, Yamuna and saraswati and wish a pray. The Gange water is then brought back to Rameshwaram where one perform Abhishek by this holy water. Due to the geographical structure kasha trip is reverse in order for the north Indians. Today kasha trip has become very comfortable due the connectivity of air, bus and train. You can find the direct rain of Varanasi from most of the railway junction and air bus from the Delhi as well as Mumbai. Travel agents provides the full package of Uttar Pradesh from bus and you can get either online or offline through Delhi tourism package. In previous time when these modern travelling assets were not available people move to Varanasi either by bullock-cart or feet but did visit the Varanasi as according to time life style has changed but people still have faith in kashi trip.